R&D advantage

1. The company has domestic top research and development cosmetics, skin care products, natural planting elite equipment

2. Cooperate with Gyeonggi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which has 31 patents for chemical products in Taiwan, and introduce cutting-edge technology to integrate Xinhui Orange into cosmetics.

3. The standard clean room and the advanced extraction equipment introduced by the company ensure the product quality to the greatest extent.

4. R & D labs are in line with international standards, and various big-name hot-selling products can be developed in real time.

Production advantage

First-class production equipment, efficient production capacity, and sound supporting facilities provide a strong backing for your market sales.
The production environment is built in accordance with the high standards of the quasi-drug production standard GMPC, ensuring clean air, environmental sanitation, reasonable department and production safety. The new technology of rapid pulse sterilization with electronic pulse makes the dust and bacteria content in the air equal to the level required for pharmaceutical production.

Quality advantage

1. The experiment, mass production, canning and packaging of the products are handled by professionals in a standardized process.

2. The company has been committed to the development and development of products based on the concept of “pure natural plant extract”.

3. The team has obtained ISO9001, ISO22716, GMPC and other international certifications to provide comprehensive protection for your products.

4. The quality control advocated by the program runs through seven stages of formula trial production, raw material testing, packaging material testing, production control, process management, finished product inspection, and safe storage. There is no special control point in each link, with meticulous professionalism. Monitoring, layer by level.