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A: Homemade brand

The basic conditions of the brand:

1. The company’s profit-making business registration.

2. Homemade brand LOGO.

3. Estimated development investment amount. (in order to develop the plan)

4. Self-made brand planning takes a long time, from product items, bottle packaging to application for related documents, about 4 to 5 and a half months before and after (generally because of the time required for bottle selection, design and calibration) long).

The product items can be sampled according to your needs, or you can provide sample proofing or refer to the “Manufacturing Projects” page, and you can make a complete series of product route planning for you.

And if the company develops and manufactures skin care products, it will provide a wide range of applications for makeup.

Homemade brand features:

1. High brand uniqueness

2. Lower cost

3. The yield threshold is higher

4. Bottle group, color box and packaging materials must be purchased by themselves (or purchased by our company)

Frequently asked questions

A: About shipping

If the packaging materials have been fully completed in the foundry business, it will be shipped about 20 days after the order is placed.

Other businesses are subject to your shipment quantity and packaging procedures in order to estimate the time of shipment. Generally, they can be shipped within 7~14 working days after the order is placed. The exact time is based on the actual production

Frequently asked questions